Ben Scurvyfoote

Full Name:

Ben Scurvyfoote



Eye Color:

Black,Hair Color: Black


East India Trading Company

Co. Black Guard




October 9th, 2011 (Stabbed to death by lord law during the battle of levica).

When Lawrence Was in the EITC

Ben Scurvyfoote was one of law's most trusted soldiers back when Lawrence was 7th in command of the East India Trading Company. They had a lot of good memories, until the day lawrence was honorably discharged, Lawrence kept it a secret from Ben, ben eventually found out and Also Managed to hear about law and stormwalkers plans of creating an army (Law's Brigade) and destroying the EITC. As clumsy as ben was he accidently knocked over a vase in the room and attracted the attention of lawrence and stormwalker, he was immediately chased by lawrence until he was out of sight. The next day Lawrence hired several bounty hunters to kill ben, two hours later one of the bounty hunters reported heavily injuring ben but he escaped (barely).

The Battle of Levica

Apparently Ben had survived and was promoted to the rank of commander in the EITC (East India Trading Company) for his bravery. He then set out for revenge on lawrence, which eventually led to his death. The Battle of Levica