The British Military Headquarters is located in Westminister London. It is located near St. James Palace in the center of London.


As part of his Military reforms Lord Matthew Faye requested the construction of a new headquarters for the British Military. The building was originally a palace owned by an exiled British Family. The construction began in 1744 and by early 1745 palace was transformed into a Military Base. Most rooms were transformed into offices. All that remains from the palace is the dining hall, kitchen, common room and the ballroom.


The Security of the Headquarters is made up of British Soldiers and officers. They have the important job of defending the plans, leaders and weapons of the British Military. The main defences consist of Foot soldiers, Grenadiers and Dragoons with Several officers to keep them in order. The Headquarters, however, is lacking a Head of Security who will be chosen by Lord Faye at a later date.