Due to massive confusion and requests by many EITC; I have been pushed to create a new ranking system less complicated and not filled with random ranks that will have two military branches: Navy and Army. Most given thanks to Samuel Redbeard for most Ideas of ranks and titles.

273px-EITC Symbol

The EITC Official Seal


EITC Private Army Ranks

EITC/British Army EITC/British Navy
Marine Ordinary Seaman
----- Able Seaman
Lance - Corporal -----
Corporal Leading Seaman
Sergeant Petty Officer
Colour Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer Class 2 -----
Warrant Officer Class 1 Warrant Officer
Second Lieutenant Midshipman
Lieutenant Sub - Lieutenant
Captain Lieutenant
Major Lieutenant - Commander
Lieutenant Colonel Commander
Colonel Captain
Brigadier Commodore
Major General Rear - Admiral
Lieutenant General Vice - Admiral
General Admiral
Feild Marshal Admiral of the Fleet

Branches and Departments

  • Trading Department - Marshal Roger Decksteel
  • Mercantile & Cooperative Trading Department - Marshal William Eric Hullbatten
  • Mercenary Operations Department - Marshal Ishmael Venables
  • Naval Offense Department - Marshal Johnathan Warsmythe
  • Naval Defense Department - Marshal Nathaniel "Daggersteel" Garland
  • Land Defense Department - Marshal Ryan Blademonk
  • Land Offense Department - Marshal Jason Brawlmartin

The EITC List of Command Subsitutes

The EITC is overseen by the Prime Minister's Treasury Department.

Lord Governor Cutler Beckett—NPC Commander-in-Chief

Lord Marshal Samuel Harrington -- *FIRST IN COMMAND*

Marshall Eric Hullbatten—Second In Command

First High Lord Giratina Origin Forme ~ Third In Command

First Lord and Grand Admiral Sven Daggersteel ~ Fourth In Command