Port Tariff is a port in the Caribbean, established by Royal British Navy of the king's orders.


Port Tariff News


Port Tariff has been seeing an increase in EITC traffic in recent days Construction on the fort has reached an all time high; people are working as much as 15 hours a day Port Tariff has not heard from a a nearby outpost $ Insert formula here $in recent days, causing concern that the isolated outpost may be in trouble. Lord Blastshot has been seen at the office of Lord Howe recently, and security has been raised.


Samuel Redbeard and certain followers restricted from Port Tariff, due to their own safety More cannons and ships arriving to Port Tariff Tax raised for citizen merchants The nearby outpost has been searched, and signs of a raid have been found. Several corpses were found, the rest were missing.


Samuel Redbeard banned 2,000 additional Guards arrive Nelson's Column Built to honor Horatio Nelson HMS Victory returns to England


Port Tariff Defense fleet returns to England ( Temporarily ) Royal Navy Parade Held Fort Nelson receives supplies from Fort Fredrick Lord Blastshot returns to Port Tariff from Europe and is Welcomed Back 5/26/1744Edit Royal Navy Academy established on Port Tariff


Port Tariff begins to truly flourish Precautions are taken against new Spaniard king Construction of a new fort begins


Port Tarrif welcomes the addition of new Businesses Port Tarriff is named the new Headquarters of British Warfare in the Caribbean Lord Blastshot approves new set of Laws.

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