Ishamel Venables Jr. (Boyfriend)


Great Britain



Þorunn is joined during a dinner party held by Ishmael. She accidentally spills water on Ishamel, who tells her not to worry about it. Sometime later, he finds the girl again and asks for her name. He then asks that she sit with him, though she keeps telling him she must finish her work. Bjorn asks where she sleeps (in the barn with the other slaves and farm animals) and if she has a boyfriend, to which she answers "Of course". Ishamel notices his son awkwardly interacting with the girl; Caterina tells him that she is pretty enough.

Ishamel is unfazed and asks Porunn to join him at his home so that she may sleep in comfort. She hesitates and Ishamel tells her that he doesn't want it to be an order but a choice.

Though Porunn is certainly underneath Ishamel's status, he clearly is infatuated with her; her feelings are a bit less clear. As time progresses, and Ishmael plots out his next raid in Caribbean, she seems to return his affections. Ishamel's mother, Caterina, notices her son's affection for the servant, to which she asks the nature of their relationshionship - Ishamel replies that she is a servant, but that he loves her.

The two passionately kiss, with Porunn admitting her love for Ishamel. Jr., before the latter sets off for Caribbean. While Ishamel is away, Thorunn practices her swordsmanship on the beach. Rosanna stumbles upon her and inquires as to what she is doing; she is training to become a shield-maiden as she wishes to be like Lagertha, she replies. Though Rosanna questions her as to why everyone seems to want to be like Caterina, Rosanna explains that she understands and releases Porunn from slavery. She tells Porunn that she may continue to serve in the house, but only if she wishes.