Royal Army Marine Division, 96th Regiment of Foot


The Right Honorable, Lt. Colonel: Sir Cj, Major: Andrew Beckett, Major: Jeremiah Sharkbones, Paymaster of the Forces, Luis Sailwalker






Paradoxian Wars, War of Austrian Succession, Royal Black Guard Revolt


"Per Mare, Per Terram" By Sea, By Land

About the Division

"The British Royal Army Marine Division" is a Naval Infantry formed by His Majesty's Royal Marines. It is currently under the command of the Lt. Colonel of the Royal Marines, Matthew MacBellows. It was established in 1751, right after the Marines made the decision to reform.


The Royal Marines were formed in October of 1664 with a strength of 1,200 men. They were recruited from the Trainband militia of London and made their first appearance during the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-67). The militia were trained under the command of King James II of York, the younger brother of Charles II. In 1702, the Royal Marines formed into six regiments and took part in the War of Spanish Succession. In 1739, the Marines took part in the War of Jenkins' Ear (1739-48). In 1750, the Royal Marines disbanded when The Black Guard was decided in Parliament to replace it as an elite force. This was short lived though as a clash with The Royal Black Guard ensued and though the war was won, there were many losses, including The Black Guard.

General Albemarle Bertie, 9th Earl of Lindsey

Lieutenant-Colonel of the Royal Marines, Sir Cj


In late 1751, after much debate in Parliament, The British Royal Marines were reformed into two divisions by Lord Newcastle and placed in the command of Chris Gunhound. As a result, Gunhound's Infantry has become the largest and strongest force in the world, following the Spanish. In 1752, Gunhound retired and was succeeded by Jeremiah Sharkbones, followed by Sir Cj.


The list goes in order of command:

Commander in Chief: His Honorable Lord Newcastle

Lieutenant-Colonel of His Majesty's Royal Marines: Sir Cj

1st Division Leader: Major Andrew Beckett

  • Major Jeremiah Sharkbones
  • Captain Class 1: Vivi
  • Captain Class 1: Bart Swordfury
  • Captain Class 1: Thomas McWard
  • Lieutenant: Raven Sternmonk
  • Lieutenant: Hector Bridgefoote
  • Second Lieutenant: Underdog
  • Gunnery Sergeant Major: Edward Stormmorgan
  • Gunnery Sergeant Major: Halloween McWard
  • Colour Sergeant: Derog
  • Colour Sergeant: Kiryu

2nd Division Leader: Major Luis Sailwalker

  • Captain Class 1 Jack Pugshot
  • Captain Class 1 Darkskull
  • Captain Class 1 Jesse Redeagle
  • Captain Class 1: Samuel
  • Gunnery Sergeant Major: Will Killquick
  • Gunnery Sergeant Major: Paris
  • Colour Sergeant: Jack Pugshot


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