This is an account of the Defense of Vachira but note official documents don't have any record of this.

Spanish Arrival

The Spanish Fleet arrived in the east but was under cover of fog and had a lot of ships in battle formation heading to the main British force and with that force was a Special Forces squad and their leader was Ryan Warhawk. When the British first spotted the fleet they quickly sprung into action and sent The Iron Mercenary Ryan's ship to the front to lead the charge into battle.


Both fleets were taking heavy losses after engaging in a 4 hour fight across the british line and in the chaos the iron mercenary got struck in the front where it now showed barrels of TNT and in a final ditch effort Ryan charged his ship head on into the lead ship and crippled it and his ship went into a reef that kept it perched up and safe. In the aftermath a ship came from the other side and tried to board so they called on the Special Forces to board but the only squad was in the Mercenary and they already begun boarding so when the signal was raised they came aboard but in the heat of battle the ship exploded and Ryan was blown into the water.


The end to the battle was a mess as both forces were in ruin and debris were everywhere but unknown to Ryan his squad was killed and he was the sole survivor of his ship and even though it was a victory they pushed out of Vachira and went to full scale war.


The battle in its 2nd Hour

Combat de la Cordelière

The Iron Mercenary rammed into the lead


Ryan Squad boards

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The British allied force boards the other side