"This country here is my best chance. This country called 'Black Dragon', where I know the names of all the citizens and they know mine, and we work together. Not always out of love, but to keep our country afloat." - Peter to Adewale

Black Dragon
Pirate ship





Type of a Ship:

War Brig




The Black Dragon was a brig captained by the British and later by Peter Plankwrecker, which he obtained with the help of Adéwalé during his time in the West Indies. Peter developed a love for his reliable, trustworthy ship, and affectionately referred to it as the "Drago." He eventually upgraded it so that it would bear a sturdy, thick hull, and yet not impede the ship's sailing and navigational abilities.

Life Aboard the Ship

During the early hours of the morning, Peter could either be found restlessly navigating his brig amidst a starry, clear night sky, or taking a rest in his captain's quarters, depending on the shift taken. In the situation that Peter is not awake at night during sea travel, his good, trustworthy first mate, Adewale, would always be present to take the helm in any instance where Peter is not available. The entire crew, with final decisions and reviews from the captain, always plans ahead by receiving valuable reports of Spanish activity in the case where it is best to avoid them. During times where access is not restricted because of naval conflict, Peter plans out the routes they need to follow and the resources they need to gather, while Adewale stands by and advises. After a round of tasks is completed, the end results and cargo are brought back to whichever British commerce center requires them.

However, during times of war where vigilance is advised, the crew is required by regulatory standards to always maintain an air of alertness in case if they enter a situation where they are ambushed or attacked without warning. If this occurs, then the crew is trained to fire back quickly and defeat any opposing forces if necessary.


  • Peter Plankwrecker - Captain
  • Adewale - First Mate
  • British Seamans


This is also the crew's favorite song as well!

  • Drunken Sailor