The East India Trading Companies Offices in Calcutta

The British EITC made Lieutenant General Richard Venables the Governor of Bengal and Was Posted in Calcutta, The British EITC authorised him to open the EITC offices in Calcutta along with his Aide de Camp Richard Lutheran, Whom Venables had served with many years in the British EITC Army.

He Immediatlly Opened the EITC Offices in Calcutta to run the Province Directly.

We are Currently looking for members of the East India Trading Company that are reliable and looking for promotion to join the offices please leave your name in comments and one of us will get back to you! :D

There are a number of officials:

  • Governor-Director~Lieutenant General Richard Venables
  • Governors Aide De Camp~Major General Richard Luther
  • British Native affairs Agent~Colour Sargeant Nick Sharkhayes
  • British Native Affairs Official~Captain Theodore Daggercrest
  • Secetary to Richard Venables~Mr. Horatio Bladebane
  • Official representing the EITC's Native Sepoys~Major Archibold Swordswain
  • Roman Catholic Church Representive~The Honourable Bishop Jack Goldwrecker
  • Official Representive in the House of Lords~Lord Tyler Crossbones
  • Official Representive in House of Commons~ Admiral Christopher Ironshot
  • British Admiralty Representive~Lord Johnathan F Lawford
  • British EITC Clerks~Mr Hector Blademartin, Mr. Henry Bladebane, Mr. William McSwain
  • British Army Representive~Brigadier General Jason Shiprat
  • British-Mahratta Relations Ambassador~ Colonel Ishmael Venables
  • Chief Secetary~Open
  • Doormen~Open
  • The Butler~Open