The Spanish Invasion on Ireland
Invasion Of Ireland


November 17th, 2012


November 17th, 2012




The Post-Paradoxian War:Ireland Campaign


EITC forces are overwhelmed and are forced to retreat.


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The Spanish Invasion on Ireland, was the beginning of the Ireland Campaign during The 2nd Paradoxian War.


One evening while Pearson Wright and his advisers were plotting away, Pears decided he would launch a surprise invasion on Ireland. By taking control of Ireland, he would become even more powerful and be one step ahead of the East India Trading Company in this War. On November 17th, 2012, The Spanish Royal Navy set out towards Ireland, but much to their surprise they were ambushed and defeated by Royal British Navy Frigates led by Sven Daggersteel. The remaining Spaniard ships fled and ported on Isla De La Avaricia, The East India Trading Company ships quickly gave chase and pursued the Paradoxians, they docked on the island and pressed their attack against Spain. After about five minutes of fighting, Spain gained the upper hand and the Company was forced to retreat back to the Beaches of the Island, once they reached the beaches they were then ambushed by more Spaniards who were waiting for their return. After about another five minutes, the East India Trading Company regrouped and launched a counter attack. This, however, failed yet again and Sven Daggersteel ordered a full retreat.


Invasion of Ireland

Invasion of Ireland